I wish that I could be like the cool kids
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Let’s Play the Game Where You Give Me a Ship and I Give You a Song that Makes Me Think of the Ship 


Anon turned on for the duration of the game! XD

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in response to peetaspenis's prompt for the everlark drabble challenge:

Prompt: Katniss and Peeta are bitter rivals.  

Katniss practically blanched at the sight of Peeta Mellark.

"No. No fucking way."

Petulantly, she planted her feet in the doorway of the bar, barely budging even when Johanna slammed into her back.

"Move, brainless," she barked at her, pushing on her back. This time, Katniss stumbled, but she whirled around, shaking her head.

"Absolutely not, I’m not doing this. You didn’t tell me Peeta was on the team, too,” she accused, narrowing her eyes at her friend. Johanna shot her an oblivious look.

"So? I didn’t think I needed to give you a roster of who’s on our trivia team."

Katniss huffed exasperatedly. “You know I don’t like him!” she hissed, eliciting a sneer from Johanna.

"What are we, 5? It’s just trivia. I don’t care what petty playground rivalry you two have going on anymore. I’m here to fucking win for once. We need you for science, and we need him for literature and politics. So suck it up, buttercup," the spiky-haired woman sing-songed as she slithered around Katniss and sauntered over to their rest of their team.

Katniss stared helplessly at the door, jumping out of the way when another patron wandered inside. She was frozen with indecision, seriously considering walking out and bailing on trivia—to hell with Johanna and making new friends with all the other teachers she’d only just started working with earlier this month. Including Peeta Mellark.

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How about everlak drabble challenge? You come up with a prompt and challenge 3 writers to write a drabble, they have 48h to post it and then they create their own prompts and challenge more 3 people. I challenge you to start it. Are you up to it?


Um yes I’m always down to force people to write. 

Prompt: Katniss and Peeta are bitter rivals. 

I challenge:




You have 48 hours to complete this drabble challenge and then nominate three other people. Tag it as #everlark drabble challenge. 

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*Writes a line*

*Procrastinates for an hour*

*Deletes line*

*Watches youtube for an hour*

*Eats everything in fridge*

*Writes a line*

*Thinks deeply about life*

*Feels like tossing the laptop into the ocean*

*Browses Tumblr for an hour*

*Whoa, inspiration strikes*

*Writes 3000+ Words in an hour*

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Happy belated birthday! :)

Thank you! And hey new follower!!!

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How was your birthday? I'm sorry I missed the actual day but I hope it was wonderful :)

It’s ok sweetie! It was pretty good. A friend of mine had a party on my birthday since hers is the day before mine. I didn’t really enjoy it since there were tons of people that I didn’t know and I’m not the most social person. If I’m comfortable with you it’s different but there were a lot of big personalities there. I was a bit bummed but then Sunday I had a little party with my in laws and I had the best banana pudding EVER. I got a butter bell, apple salt & pepper shakers for my kitchen, and a wall cross. I’m just better with smaller crowds.

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awwww its super cute!!

Oh Good! I was so scared you wouldn’t like it.

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I have a few new followers! 

Hey guys! Thanks for following me. I also want to thank everyone who wished me more happy birthdays yesterday. You guys are the best!