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I am trying to be a good Christian but when people refer to special needs children as ‘retarded’ it sends a fury through me that I am not proud of. As some of you know I have two autistic children. Their pictures are all over my blog,lol. The slur that people use ( I can’t even type it in again because it causes me to become so enraged) is near sighted and down right hateful. The battles these children fight everyday is nothing but miraculous!

And I am challenging anyone to tell me any differently.

Oh and to the anon who set this all in motion. How dare you bring God into your hateful attack! Please go read your Bible because it’s written as plain as day he isn’t happy with those who use his name in the way you did.

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It’s exactly one month till my birthday! And unlike before I’m not dreading it.

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A symbol.

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I literally had chills when the crowd is executed. And to think this was only a teaser which means a full length is on it’s way!!

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Our Leader The Mockingjay - Mockingjay part 1 teaser trailer

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Libby and Momma get their FroYo on!! :)

Libby and Momma get their FroYo on!! :)

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Libby received her first Bible today :)

Libby received her first Bible today :)

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Are you ever annoyed by someone who everyone else praises and loves? And you’re like…’if you only knew’.

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Sometimes I’m happy my blog is under the radar so I don’t have to deal will anons yelling at me. Because I really wouldn’t handle it with as much grace as some of you do.

update anytime soon ?

Which one?
‘The Other Hawthorne’ chapter 11 is with my beta and I’m working on the last chapter now.

'Little Lion Man' is next in line to be completed. And because I'm always making everything more difficult I'm planning on posting my first one shot soon.

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